why do straight ppl think they can whine about gay ppl “throwing their sexuality in our faces” when almost every waking second of every minute of every day of my life is filled with heterosexual romance media and heteronormativity. like u think 2 girls holding hands in public is rubbing their sexuality in ur face you have no fucking idea what queer people go through on a daily basis shut the fuck up

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"The fact that there is no camera in existence that can catch my beauty makes me really sad."
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Anonymous: "No seriously, how do people on twitter and tumblr get these kind of URLs?"



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rum pum pum pum; colour palettes (inspired by )
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Me: I'll sleep early tonight and get a good 8 hours
Me: *watches entire season of tv show*
Me: *reads every book i own*
Me: *goes on quest to find the holy grail*
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As much as people dislike Tiffany due to her recent influx in screentime, I’m gonna defend the girl a bit.

My favorite members are SeoHyun and HyoYeon, and I will defend them till the ends of the earth, but they don’t have what Tiffany has. In fact, Tiffany has something NONE of the girls have (besides MAYBE SooYoung). She has the ability to hype the crowd during performances, unlike the other members who simply do the choreography and sing their parts. She is much like YG’s CL, G-Dragon, and Taeyang. She always puts more into a performance than she really has to. She yells with the crowd, she chants during instrumental portions. And whilst most people don’t like this sitting at home watching on their computer, the fans at the concert are grateful to her.

The second reason I’ll defend this girl is for something I REALLY respect. She always talks about the other members in a positive way. She doesn’t just say shit like “I love all my members” like the other girls. If she’s in an interview and Hyoyeon isn’t there, she might say “ah, Hyoyeon would do this well.” Or “Taeyeon’s hands were shaking during an interview!” She only really makes an interview about her if the question is directed solely to and about her, and even then, she tries to include someone else. 

Tiffany you ain’t my fave but you do yo thang, girl. 

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Title: Life - SHINee WORLD II in Seoul
Artist: SHINee
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1. plug in your headphones
2. turn up the volume
3. close your eyes
4. notice the fact that all the audience are singing along with them
5. experience the feeling of being surrounded by the pearlscent-aquamarine ocean. 

"When I get on my knees and cry before the world
When I stop my tracks inside the storm
If you alone are standing
I can suppress whatever pain and tears
All I want is you
Only one is you
in my life” 

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11/100 of yoona stealing my heart

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Lumpy Space Princess - Adventure Time